EndoClot Adhesive

EndoClot® Adhesive is a single-use medical device for haemostasis that consists of adhesive haemostatic polymers (AHP) and an applicator to ensure accurate delivery of the powder to the lesion within the entire GI tract. AHP particles are hydrophilic which instantly creates a gel barrier when in contact with blood or GI fluids. EndoClot® Adhesive particles are also very adhesive to assist in maintaining the clot formation as well as sealing and protecting the wound over several days.

The applicator is composed of a powder/air mixing chamber, a delivery catheter and connecting tube with an air filter including integrated non-return valvewhich is attached to the EndoClot® Air Compressor.

A product by MICRO-TECH

More info about EndoClot catalog hemostasis, product no ECA2303.

  • Synthetic polymer
  • Forms an adhesive gel matrix to protect the wound
  • Waterproof and resistant to acids and bases
  • Lasts up to several days on the wound
  • Successful haemostasis also in anticoagulated patients
  • Anti-reflux design to prevent occlusion
  • Effective for use in hard to reach areas
EndoClot Adhesive for haemostasis